Download Guitar Maps Scale Charts PDF

Master The Pattern

The Guitar Maps approach is designed for guitar players that want a simple, fast and effective way to develop a better vision of the whole guitar fret board. Developed to learn the guitar neck as one scale pattern. It Works! They almost instantly give you the ability to improvise better guitar leads and solos, in any key, anywhere on the fret board.

No More Bad Notes

 Guitar Maps are shown in every key, major and minor. This allows you to Learn The Guitar Neck as One Big Scale. This gives you the ability to solo in any key, major or minor, without hitting any bad notes. Full size printable scale maps to practice with in every key, major and minor so you can see the pattern consistently to master it.

Guitar Solo Rut?

 An alternative to the ritual of practicing standard 4 or 5 fret guitar scale shapes. When improvising a guitar solo you will find yourself limited to that box, making all your solos sound the same… “The Box”